Meanwhile in … McDonald’s

The golden arches: too much of a temptation for Ruby Walsh in his riding days

Ruby Walsh confesses to fast-food diet during legendary career

Ireland: One of the last people you would expect to see in a branch of McDonald’s would probably be a jockey yet celebrated Irish jump rider Ruby Walsh has confessed to being a fast-food addict while he was in his pomp.

While the common assumption is that many jockeys are fasting and having to manage their diet to make weights, the 12-time Irish champion jump jockey made regular stops to refuel on his way home. And he doesn’t mean he was filing up his car.

Walsh revealed he was regularly ordering his ultimate happy meal – a large Big Mac, a McChicken sandwich, nine chicken nuggets and a diet coke.

“McDonald’s is my guilty pleasure,” he wrote in his Paddy Power blog. “I love it. In the summer in my racing days I went once or twice a week.”

He added: “There’s an image of jockeys out there that has us down as a gang of pale stick-figures who can barely stand up with the hunger half the time. If we eat at all, it’s celery sticks and steamed chicken all the way. But it’s not true.”

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