Meanwhile in … Stetchworth (specifically the Dettori household)

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Frankie Dettori: “My kids dared me to do it”

Frankie’s a bit peaky after drastic rug rethink – we’re saying nothing

GB: Six weeks of confinement might be enough to test the patience of rather less active people than Frankie Dettori, currently locked down at his home in Stetchworth, near Newmarket, with wife Catherine and five children.

However, a bout of stir craziness offers the most plausible explanation for what’s been going on in the Dettori barnet department.

Dewhurst takeaway: all you need to know as Frankie Dettori scores on St Mark’s Basilica

Racing’s most famous face may well have racing’s most famous haircut now after a severe scalping administered by his daughter Mia. Maybe with a pair of garden secateurs; it’s hard to say.

Evidently the jockey was looking for a Peaky Blinders-style makeover with the sort of severe short back and sides favoured by Tommy Shelby in the BBC’s popular drama.

Suggestions that the resulting bowl cut is more Kim Jong-un than Birmingham crime family are harsh indeed. Understandable, but still harsh.

“My kids dared me to do it,” Dettori told The Sun newspaper.  “Mia couldn’t wait to cut it but she has done a very good job. It’s my Peaky Blinders look. Now I will have to audition for the next series!

“However, if I can make people laugh and raise a bit of money for the NHS, then why not?”

Dettori is donating 1,000 bottles of hydration drink iPro to NHS staff at his local Newmarket Hospital and has also launched an appeal for the Red Cross in his native Italy.

Good on ya, Frankie. And rest assured: you’ve certainly given us a laugh, that’s for sure.

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