Meanwhile in … Baden-Baden

Horse Racing Baden-Baden sponsorship
All this for €49 … you too could sponsor the hallowed turf at Baden-Baden

Sponsor a patch of sacred German turf – all yours for just €49

Germany: “Unusual times require unusual ideas,” suggests Deutscher-Galopp online.

Evidently they’ve taken the maxim to heart at Germany’s premier racecourse Baden-Baden, where racing fans are being asked to sponsor clods of hallowed turf near the winning post.

“We need every support to survive the corona crisis,” said Baden-Baden managing director Jutta Hofmeister, adding that numbered pieces of turf from near the winning post can be sponsored.

What is more, for €49 you don’t just get a bit of the sacred lawn and a neat certificate. Included in the price are entry vouchers up to the value of €40, and a betting voucher worth €10.

Baden-Baden is due to resume with a two-day spring meeting on May 23-24, when both cards will feature a dozen races at the showpiece Iffezheim venue.

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