Meanwhile in … Saratoga Springs

Horse Racing Tiz The Law Saratoga stop sign
Love for Tiz The Law: Maybe the people would be the times – or between York and Nelson. Photo: Rachel Dunn

Drivers must obey the all-way stop sign. After all, tiz the law …

USA: There may not be any crowd owing to coronavirus restrictions but Saratoga Springs remains nothing if not a horse-loving town.

Don’t believe me? Then just look at certain road signs that have sprung up ready for the track’s annual summer meet in upstate New York.

The primary equine attraction is Belmont Stakes winner Tiz The Law, who is set to run in the Travers Stakes, the track’s historic ‘midsummer derby’ on August 8.

Stabled in Barclay Tagg’s Saratoga barn, the three-year-old comes with proper local connections as he is a New York-bred owned by the Saratoga Springs-based Sackatoga Stable, who made headlines back in 2003 when Funny Cide won the first two legs of the Triple Crown.

As such, Tiz The Law is understandably popular in these parts – and Saratoga Springs resident Bob Giordano has done his bit for the cause by putting up some clever signage.

Giordano, who has lived in the town since 1968, is a lifelong racing fan whose house stands at the northeast corner of the intersection of York and Nelson Avenues.

Filled with enthusiasm for the local favourite, he has bolted a small red sign reminding drivers that ‘Tiz the law’ to obey the all-way ‘stop’ sign on all four corners of the junction.

According to the Daily Gazette, based in nearby Schenectady, Giordano’s handiwork has become a bit of a hit. “I put that thing up, and within 10 minutes, a woman down the street in the Airbnb came down,” said Giordano, speaking to the paper. “She said: ‘Do you know who put those up?’ I said, ‘Yeah!’”

Photos soon went viral. “I sent it to another guy, and it blew up like crazy,” said Giordano. “It turns out it was a good idea, and it’s put a lot of smiles on a lot of people’s faces.”

Sackatoga Stable managing partner Jack Knowlton is tickled by the idea. “I sent one to Jack as soon as I got it up,” added Giordano. “They’re great for the town, they’re great for racing, and to have this whole buzz with them getting a second shot at it is great.”

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